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Impressive Oceanfront Building Lot

The BC Real Estate market moved along a fairly steady arc over the past year, industry experts call it a flat market with prices that generally stayed flat, or dipped or rose slightly, without dramatic movement up or down in value.

In 2017 we made a brief list of local businesses to do some local Christmas shopping at, those businesses are all still thriving see HERE

It's a slower season in our markets as the tourist traffic ebbs, however, things are looking stable in our markets.

Different insurance companies offer varying policies, so it's important to discuss anything you read in here that could apply to your circumstances with your broker. Meanwhile, consider these examples of things that could have some impact, for better or worse, on your home insurance premiums.

Dismal Market reports across the Province, however, our Gulf Island markets continue to buck the provincial trends. 
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Our latest issue is full of useful information to those planning to buy or sell in the current market, read it HERE

This is a slow time of the year in a slower real estate market.

Evan Calvert and his wife Joanna were long time Penderites. For several decades, Evan would set up his magical train set for his family each year, adding to it and improving it along the way. It takes about 40 hours or more to put it together!