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Saturna Island is one of the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. The Gulf Islands are part of a chain which extends north from the San Juan Islands of the U.S. into British Columbia. Saturna is just north of Orcas Island.

Saturna Island is one of the larger Gulf Islands in size (96 sq.mi.) with a resident population of around 465 people. There is regular ferry service from Vancouver on the mainland or from Victoria on Vancouver Island.

Much of the island is forested and designated as ecological reserve or parkland. There are many hiking trails along the coastline and in the mountains. This is an ideal vacation destination for visitors who like to kayak, canoe, cycle, hike or fish. There are several local accommodations. Food, drink, and gas are readily available.

One of the best things about Saturna is it's apparent isolation. you will feel you have stepped back in time when you visit, and may feel far from civilization. But the island is readily accessible and the isolation is only a pleasant illusion.

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Saturna Island... The best-kept secret in the Gulf Islands!

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